Website Audit




Want to know how your website is perceived by visitor and potential customers?  Do you have the right content to keep your visitors engaged?  Are there small changes you can make to improve your visibility?

Take advantage of our website audit.  We will look over your website including content and design and give you tips on how you can improve.

During your website audit we will look at:

  • Content
    • Is your content relevant to your target audience?
    • Is your content in the right places on the page?
    • Do you keep your content fresh?
  • Design
    • Is your site visually appealing?
    • Does your site fit with your overall brand?
    • When a visitor lands on your site, can they find what they are looking for?  Is it user friendly?
  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Is your metadata set up correctly and, more importantly, is it all there?
    • Do you have any broken links and is your site link-worthy?
    • Does your site take forever to load?  Is it optimized to load on mobile devices?
    • Are you using your keywords correctly?

Upon successfull completion of your website audit purchase, we will send you an email with some further questions including the website URL and some goals you have set for your website.