Our Policies

Native Files (a.k.a. the files that were built to compile your completed project and are editable)

We are very proud of all the work that comes out of Mile Up Marketing Solutions. So, it is our policy to not release any editable files as to maintain the integrity of our designs. The editable files are our intellectual property. According to United States copyright law, designers own the rights to the work they do. All rights and ownership belong to the creator. When you hire us to make a piece for you, you are paying for the complete design, not the tools to make it. You own the final artwork so display and make copies as you like. If you need changes made, we would be more than happy to make changes. We charge in as little as 15 minute increments. 

Here’s a great analogy from apexcreative.net:

“The best analogy I can think of is going out to dinner. Me and the hubby love the Cheesecake Factory. But when we pay $20 for our medium-rare Kobe burger with Cheddar, all we get is that one meal for that one visit. Can you believe it?

The price doesn’t include the chef coming out, giving us his recipe, utensils, and ingredients to take home, as well as a tutorial.

What a rip off.

Yet millions of people, everyday, happily go to restaurants and other service industries, where they get “ripped off,” yet expect something different when it comes to designers, even though it’s the exact same thing.

You, as the client, are paying for the delivery of the final design product. Nothing more, nothing less.”

We have spend years honing our craft and we aren’t going to give up the recipe to our “secret sauce.”

We know that things do come up and this policy might not work for everyone. We review those on a case-to-case basis. If requested and approved, we will write a proposal and contract to release editable files to you.