Outsourced Marketing

Your Marketing Team

Marketing may fall on the bottom of your list of things to do as a business owner, but we can help take it off your plate. We can do as little or as much for you as needed, from one-time event advertising, to entire year-long marketing plans.

-All-Inclusive Package

-Logo and Website

-Advertising Campaigns

-Every Door Direct Mail

-Email Marketing

-Social Media Management

-Facebook and Instagram Live Videos

-Facebook and Instagram Reels

-On-Site Media and Promotion

-Live Event Promotion


Lead Historic Preservation 

Marketing Department

Over the past several years, we’ve worked closely with the Lead Historic Preservation Board, serving as their marketing department. We’ve created a Past and Present Booklet, revived Sharp Bits magazine, built a website, managed their social media, and promoted their events on various digital platforms.

Deadwood PBR

Event Marketing

We have been working with Libby Productions for several years to sell tickets to their events, many of which have sold out. Working with their graphic designer, we manage their social media accounts and advertise across all digital mediums.

Lead Area Chamber of Commerce

Full Marketing

We partner with the LACC to enhance Lead’s visibility and boost local spending. Through a thoughtful event marketing strategy encompassing graphic design, email marketing, social media, and digital advertising, we have seen a positive impact on economic growth in the area.


What size of a business does outsource marketing work best for?

Any size company! Mile Up Marketing has worked with very small companies and national organizations. We have solutions to fit all budgets.

Is outsourcing my marketing really cost effective?

In short, yes! If you were to hire an in-house marketing director or a team, you would need to pay salary, benefits, bonuses, office space, coffee K-cups, ergonomic chairs and snacks! You have all the benefits of having someone on staff, without all the expenses.

What can I outsource?

What do you need help with? We can cover the gamut and can be as hands on with your marketing as you want us to be. We can do ALL of your marketing from logo to website to campaign. Or we can just design a flyer. It’s up to you.

Do I need to sign a contract?

We do require contracts for certain projects. If we are doing a complete marketing plan for you, then there will be contracts involved. If you just need a flyer designed, one will not be needed. We will let you know in advance if you will be in a contract for our marketing help.