Who We Are

Evelyn, Kim, Luci

We started Mile Up in 2016 because we saw a need for someone to help small businesses with their marketing. The name ‘Mile Up Marketing’ came easy to us as it is an homage to the town we both love, Lead, at 5280′ above sea level – a Mile Up.

With over 25 years combined marketing experience, Mile Up Marketing specializes in web design, graphic design, digital advertising and social media management.

Our favorite thing is to help a business or organization create a brand. We love to strategize with them about how they want the world to see their business, from look and feel, to mission, values, and goals. Then we build a logo, brand and website to get their business off the ground.

We love to be a company’s marketing department. Instead of an internal marketing department, we work with businesses and non-profits to build their marketing strategy and follow through with website development, advertising and social media management.

Mile Up Marketing is now a party of three with our newest addition to the team, Evelyn Groeger. Evelyn is our marketing specialist and loves working on the fine details of projects with our team.


Kim Borsch

Graphic Designer/Owner

Kim started her career in the Marketing Department at a casino resort as their Event Coordinator. Kim is our creative mind with an astute eye for graphic design, and the social media manager for several business and non-profit accounts.

Luci Seid

Web Designer/Owner

Luci graduated from Northern State in Aberdeen with a degree in Management and Marketing. Before starting Mile Up Marketing, she was Marketing Director for two casino resorts. Luci specializes in web design and digital advertising.

Evelyn Groeger

Marketing Specialist

Evelyn graduated from the University of Sioux Falls with a degree in Graphic Design and minors in Marketing and Media Studies. She joined the Mile Up Team in 2021 and has been essential in managing projects including graphic design and web design.


What's your favorite food?

Kim: Chips & Salsa

Luci: Wine

Evelyn: Hibachi steak, rice, and noodles.

How many pets do you have?

Kim: Mr. Thomson – Pomeranian/Pekingese/Poodle/All attitude

Luci: Waylon – St. Bernard/Gigantic ball of floof and slobber

Evelyn: Cha Cha and Spook – Best cats ever

What do you like doing in your free time?

Kim: Hiking with doggo, snowboarding and puzzling

Luci: Puzzling and spending time with family

Evelyn: Hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, biking and camping

Would you rather live in a world with Pokémon or dinosaurs?

Kim: Dinosaurs because I’ve always wanted to ride a triceratops.

Luci: Pokémon because that’s all my young boys talk about so I feel we are already friends.

Evelyn: Pokémon because I’d like a Munchlax to be my food buddy.