Digital Advertising


Picture your brand thriving amidst those actively seeking your offerings. With our customized digital marketing strategies, your brand takes root and flourishes. As Google Ads certified specialists, we sow targeted ads across Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify, ensuring your brand blossoms in the online garden.

-Google Search Ads

-Google Display Ads

-YouTube Ads

-Google My Business


-Facebook Ads

-Instagram Ads

-Spotify Ads


Gold Camp Jubilee Days

Social, Google, and Spotify Ads

To enhance attendance at the Gold Camp Jubilee 4th of July celebration in Lead, we effectively promoted it across digital platforms, resulting in a highly successful event.

X-Crawl Off Road

Google Ads

X-Crawl Off Road offers a unique service, taking clients on an x-treme rock crawling adventure. We helped increase off-season bookings using Google display ads.

Minot PBR

Social, Google, and Spotify Ads

We have been working with Minot PBR for years and our goal is to sell out the arena. We have proven success using social media, Google and Spotify ads.


What is digital advertising?

Digital ads are placed throughout the internet on social media including Facebook and Instagram, Google, and YouTube. These ads show up on any smartphone, tablet, computer, and laptop with internet. With Google, we have access to serving ads on millions of websites. Also, digital advertising is super targeted and a way to get the most bang for your buck! We will chat with you about the best platforms for your business or organization to advertise.

What are Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free website analytics platform that gives you insight about how consumers interact with your website. These results can be helpful to gather information about your target audience.

How long will it take to see results with digital advertising?

The nice thing about paid digital advertising is you should see results soon after you begin advertising. Each digital platform tracks information about every ad running in real time, so we can see how they are performing.

How will I know how my ads are doing?

Well the answer we want to give is that you will see results in increased traffic or revenue to your business/organization. But if you’re a big fan of spreadsheets, reports, graphs, and real numbers, we will provide you with a report showing clicks, impressions, conversions, demographics and other spreadsheety things.