Sarah Does

Influencer Cultivation

Meet Sarah Canida, our flourishing influencer marketer rooted in the Black Hills region. With a unique blend of creativity, charisma, and compassion, she cultivates captivating social media experiences for a diverse range of partners. With over 15 years of expertise, Sarah has been a driving force in nurturing and enhancing social media presence like no other. Join her journey and let your brand bloom with an influencer who stands out from the crowd. Specializing in Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, Sarah tends to your brand’s growth with care and authenticity.

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Two Broke Girls

Facebook Live

Kelly and Ashley, the dynamic duo behind Two Broke Girls in Spearfish, SD, invited Sarah for an exclusive tour of their downtown boutique. The 10 minute Facebook Live resulted in an impressive outreach that reverberated widely within the first 24 hours!

Putz n Glo


Chad and Jessica, the fresh faces behind Putz n Glo, outside of Rapid City and on the way to Mt. Rushmore, welcomed Sarah and her family for a round of golf and arcade excitement. The outcome? A lively reel capturing the joy, ready to be shared on their website and Facebook page.

Madame Peacock’s

Event Promotion

Sarah was on the hunt for a dazzling outfit for The Box’s New Year’s Eve Party. Madame Peacock’s Beer & Bling in Deadwood was the ideal shopping spot. In exchange for promoting their clothing and boutique at the event, Sarah secured the blingy attire she desired.


What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is when popular people on social media, who have a lot of followers and expertise in certain areas, help promote products or brands. These influencers make real and engaging content to connect with their audience and boost awareness and sales for the brand. It’s a strong way to reach specific groups of people in a way that feels genuine.

What social media platforms do you use?

The primary social media channels in our arsenal include Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Additionally, we’re open to exploring promotional opportunities on other emerging platforms.

How far are you willing or able to commute?

In short, the answer is anywhere. However, transportation expenses are covered by the client and can be negotiated accordingly for each project. Please don’t hesitate to contact us regardless of the distance, as we’re dedicated to helping you promote your dream business, service, or any other endeavor.

Do you take trade-offs?

From time to time, we’ve engaged in trade-offs for our services, though it’s not our primary approach when collaborating with clients. Our priority is always to assess the circumstances and ensure that both parties derive maximum benefit from the arrangement in the long run.